Marv Skelton is a Vancouver native who attended the Vancouver School of Art for six months in 1965, but decided the life of a starving artist was not that easy and switched to a career in aviation, which has lasted for over forty years.

Joining the Richmond Artist Guild (R.A.G.) Life Drawing in 1994, his interest in drawing and painting was rekindled.

Marv draws and paints regularly with the R.A.G. Life Drawing, and is a founding member of the plen air group Men in Hats. Hats.  An active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, his work has been exhibited at the Taiwanese Festival, Gateway theatre, Lonsdale Quay,University Women”s Club, Hollyburn Country Club  Richmond Art Gallery and the Wallflower Modern Diner.

Artist’s Statement

I find the act of painting very creative.  It is always a challenge and always a pleasure. Within the one discipline you can learn, change, grow and evolve forever.