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Born and raised in Ontario, David McHolm moved to Vancouver in 1989.  Although he started drawing and painting at an early age, it was not until after a long career in business that learning to be an artist became his driving force.  From that time on, travel has been the focus for building experience and knowledge for his painting. Trips to England, France, Italy, Spain, the United States and the byways of Canada have contributed to David’s deep passion for painting on location and daily in his studio.

When I made the move from owning a graphics arts business to becoming a full-time artist, my goal was to become the best artist I could be and to see where it would lead me. It wasn’t retirement. It was fulfilling a dream and taking on the challenge of working in art with the goal of making it a career. I love the challenge of learning to paint different subjects in figure work, portraits, and of course, painting on location en plein air.