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John Beatty comes from a family of artists that helped trigger his love of art. He retired in 1999 as an elementary teacher after 26 years with the Vancouver School Board. He is a Business Graduate of Ryerson Institute of Technology in Toronto and an Education Graduate of the University of British Columbia. His painting career started in 1960 while recovering from a serious and lengthy injury that occurred while playing Intercollegiate hockey at Ryerson. JoJhn has completed over 700 oil and acrylic paintings primarily of West Coast and travel subject matter that have stimulated his interest because of their unique composition, their colour and their contrasting light. His style could be described at representational with areas of impressionism and abstraction.

Artist’s Statement

My mission is to continue to improve my artwork using the skills I’m acquiring and learning. As I do more research and benefit from working closely with my plein air group of friends, I aim to look for ways to get better. I love the challenge and excitement of creating the art.