Penny2I have been dabbling in painting and creating all my life, when I could find the time or the supplies – early on it was my mother’s writing paper, much to her annoyance… I had opportunities during my teaching career to explore lots of different medium, and share my discoveries with my students – and as my children grew, I was able to provide them with whatever supplies they needed to explore their artistic side ( I vowed no child of mine would have to beg for art supplies!) This has worked in my favour, as I have two sons who appreciate art and the world around them, and one of them has gone on to actually realize his dream of being a starving artist and is currently at NSCAD back in Halifax.. his explorations and excitement have been the catalyst to make me want to further explore my artistic side. I have been further encouraged by friends and family to throw caution to the wind and actually work at this pastime called Art… although I do not yet call myself an ARTIST, yet, I feel I am a fully qualified Artist In Training and have found inspiration and confidence in being a part of the Richmond Artists Guild.