tranquility_baseI was born in Banff Alberta, grew up in Surrey B.C. and finished high school on Vancouver Island. I have lived in Richmond since 1983.

Pursuing art in post secondary education I attended the Kootenay School of Art and graduated with a BFA from Notre Dame University of Nelson in 1976.

I have explored various art avenues such as printmaking, photography, screen printing and drawing but became more focused on painting with acrylics and oils in the last fifteen years.

I try to express a straight forward visual language in my paintings, to elicit an emotional response. This is an ongoing process building on the usual experimentation of substrates, colour, texture, composition and subject matter to strike that understanding we all see and respond to.

Regarding subject matter, the B.C. landscape has so much to offer and I am continually amazed at the variety of material that is available from traveling through the province, by area and by season. I am always trying to view the scene as the pristine environment unaltered by the human machine that could be grinding away just outside the edges of the canvas.

However in the last year I have also focused on the basic surface of the canvas introducing abstract images that I call Twilight of Consciousness, that time drifting between dreaming and wakefulness where images seem coherent until reviewed when awake. There is something of a mental aftertaste of a fleeting other world and dimension.

I hope my work connects me to those viewers who likewise see the spiritual value of the wild inner and outer space we all share.

I am a member of the Richmond Artists Guild. My work is also represented by the Lloyd Gallery in Penticton, B.C. (